It’s not enough for us to simply provide superior products; our end goal is to help you succeed. That’s why we devote ourselves to a world-class user experience designed to maximize your potential, increase productivity, and streamline convenience. Our ongoing, personalized support helps you make the most of your long-term partnership with us.

Your partner in learning innovation

Along with our software and product offerings, one of our main objectives is to provide support to institutions that implement the M-Star Platform. We bring 25 years of global software delivery experience to every partnership, helping our clients chart their own path to digital transformation by delivering game-changing products and solutions.

We invest in our client’s success through the time and effort we take to ensure they choose a solution that works best for them. Our team of technology and education experts can help you dig deeper and reach higher, to help you deliver simply the best learning experience for your students, teachers, and administrators.

As your partner in learning, we’re committed to supporting you in ways you might not expect from an education technology provider.

Implementation services that ensure adoption


Our implementation team partners with you to efficiently prepare, configure and launch your M-Star solutions. We provide the product expertise and support you need to maximize your investment as you strive to increase adoption, encourage learner engagement, and ultimately improve the outcomes that matter most. Each implementation plan is tailored to meet your specific goals, and our team members will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Training services to help our custoemrs succeed


Our years of experience have helped us to craft training programs that are relevant, efficient, and comprehensive. Our programs provide access to a variety of resources designed to support progressive bite-sized learning. We offer flexible and cost-effective training options tailored to suit your institutional and user needs with the goal of maximizing impact and increasing adoption.
partner support services

Partner support

Your organization's faculty members and students can dial into our help desk anytime to receive assistance with technology and address any other program or platform questions, ensuring all users have the answers they need, when they need them most.
course design and development services

Curriculum Design & Development

If you have a course specific to your school or district, we can assist you with converting that into a virtual program to be delivered via the M-Star Learning Support Platform.
course instructional services

Course Instruction

We offer three options for course instruction: your instructors teach, our instructors teach, or we all teach together. If you use our teachers, you get certified instructors and academic support with extended hours. We grade and tutor, as well as provide synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. We then submit final grades to the school and the school can incorporate the grade into the student's academic transcript.
student support services

Academic Support

For all pre K-12th grade academic programs, we will provide you with our toll-free number into our Virtual Learning Center. Our extended hours allow your students more time for course assistance. Our live instructors are also available for one-on-one assistance via phone, instant messenger or live virtual office.

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