M-Star School Expert System

Specifically designed for K-12 schools, M-Star SES unites modules and functionalities on a single powerful platform, generating system-wide data connections that help streamline operations, increase efficiencies and transform student learning experiences. Built to fit the way you work, M-Star is embedded with pre-defined workflows and processes that can be configured to meet and exceed your school’s needs.

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Can one system meet the needs of the entire school community?

YES! Our years of experience within the technology and education domains, which includes supporting school districts with our M-Star solutions as well as running brick and mortar and online schools, has shown that it can. M-Star SES is the cutting edge EdTech solution for schools and districts to Manage, Schedule, Track, Analyze and Report (M.S.T.A.R) upon all activities across the institution and its stakeholders. It provides an exceptional educational experience for not only students but also staff, administrators and parents.

M-Star SES is one unified and integrated educational management system. From enrollment through graduation, the complete student lifecycle is managed through an all-in-one platform, leveraging AI and machine learning technologies to deliver personalized learning plans aimed at maximizing each student’s potential. M-Star SES is an end-to-end solution to:

Capture student/teacher, teacher/administrator, and parent/teacher interactions and communication and tie these interactions back to the student or employee records
Track and analyze purchasing, payroll, and inventory all within the same system and tie it back to your complete financial system to get a comprehensive view of your entire school operations
Integrate attendance records with student performance data and assessment results presenting the whole child and enabling intervention strategies to be applied for positive behavior management
Reduce the amount of time instructors spend grading, record-keeping, and doing other tedious administrative tasks by providing powerful classroom management and communication tools that make everyday tasks faster and easier for teachers
Bring all of your district data together in one place with visual, interactive dashboards that support real-time, data-driven decision-making
Strengthen the home-school connection with specialized portals and mobile apps that give parents and students real-time performance data and much more

A comprehensive solution that addresses every aspect of your school

School Newsletter
Exam & Testing
Fee Management
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Inventory & Stores
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Achieve student success and drive institutional performance

  • A single platform for all school operations - academic, administrative, and resource management - saving time spent compiling information from various sources
  • Centrally-available information in the required formats at the click of a button
  • Accelerated school growth with more programs aimed at improving student development and performance
  • Promotes the efficient use of the school’s existing infrastructure
  • Automatic facilities information with robust and flexible reports, security management, and analysis and tracking for all day-to-day functioning
  • Ubiquitous access for all students and teachers to their own information, including library and textbooks, class assignments, tests, report cards, and comments

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