MGRM Pinnacle provides educational e-governance-based applications and services to schools, colleges, and universities across the globe. Our products have the unique advantage of MGRM Group's trendsetting research, which helps us to assimilate diverse education models, acquire cutting-edge implementation methodologies, and deliver best practices in the use of our systems.

M-Star Learning Support Platform

M-Star LSP has all the tools and resources needed to create engaging teaching and learning experiences, encourage communication and collaboration, track student performance and connect your entire school, college or university virtually. 

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M-Star Content Management System

MGRM's M-Star CMS provides even non-technical users an easy-to-manage interface for website creation, updates and modifications. Websites made with M-Star CMS are interactive and have a built-in workflow modeled to suit the requirements of any type of institution.

M-Star Education Expert Systems

M-Star EES is a comprehensive technology-driven ecosystem featuring customizable solutions that address every aspect of your institution. From enrollment and administration processes to assessments and learning outcomes, create an interactive digital blueprint of your institution on a single, integrated platform.

M-Star School Expert System

M-Star SES is a versatile product that spans the breadth of the educational institution to support each component within the school system. It enhances productivity and performance, reduces cost, and most importantly, triggers the growth of each individual, be it students, teachers, alumni, management, or parents.

M-Star College Expert System

M-Star CES is a flexible, secure, and mobile ERP solution, specifically designed to improve the educational and economic viability of colleges. Deliver campus experiences designed to increase student success, improve outcomes, optimize operations and drive new innovations and discoveries using M-Star CES!

M-Star University Expert System

Built on over two decades of research, M-Star UES is a comprehensive ERP that covers every workflow within a university, enabling it to transform business processes and drive institutional performance.

M-Star Online Admission

M-Star OLA is a configurable online solution that manages the complete registration and enrollment process for institutions. Digitize your institution's enrollment process and meet your modern digital learner online.
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