M-Star Education Expert Systems

M-Star EES is a comprehensive technology-driven ecosystem featuring customizable solutions that address every aspect of your institution. From enrollment and administration processes to assessments and learning outcomes, create an interactive digital blueprint of your institution on a single, integrated platform.

Transforming education with research, analytics, and groundbreaking technology

Most student information systems are just that – databases that house information but offer little in the way of actual predictive analysis, suggestions for educational interventions, or understanding of the factors that lead to success or failure in the educational environment. M-Star is different because it has been built based on the foundation of extensive human lifecycle research.  Whether a student, teacher, alumnus, administrator, or parent, each member of the community aspires to a single objective: to reach one’s complete personality and become a high-functioning member of the larger community.

Demands on educational institutions are expanding while access to qualified resources to support them is diminishing. Administrators are faced with ever-increasing appeals from students, staff, and parents for systems that meet the needs of the individual, or "personalized learning."

How does an institution monitor, support, engage, and report on the activities of hundreds and even thousands of students and staff? More importantly, how does an institution do this in an efficient and economical manner?

MGRM Pinnacle's suite of solutions are built from the ground up to support lifelong learning from Pre-K through university and beyond, all on a single, extensible platform. It replaces disparate technologies with a cohesive and powerful relational database that includes flexible reporting capabilities, powerful educational insights, and ubiquitous and protected access for all constituents; all the while increasing productivity, streamlining costs, and - most importantly - promoting the educational, social, and emotional growth of students.

The M-Star Education Expert Systems are:

Versatile and extensible

Able to enhance productivity and performance

Able to enhance productivity and performance

Designed to reduce operating costs

Comprehensive in the systematic coverage of both organization and individual needs

Address the needs of all your stakeholders and provide an exceptional experience

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