M-Star Learning Support Platform

M-Star LSP has all the tools and resources to create engaging teaching and learning experiences, foster communication and collaboration, track learner performance, and connect your entire institution virtually.

Learn across all devices

All-in-One Integrated Platform to Drive Institutional Success


personalized education, differentiated instruction, blended learning, flipped classrooms, and fully online and mobile learning.


remote and social learning opportunities and access for every student as they engage in learning anytime, anywhere, and at any pace.


every student's learning journey with various types of materials and resources across all modes of blended learning.


your students to engage in goal-oriented, self-directed, life-long learning.

Exceptional user experience

From personalized landing pages and design to customized roles and features, M-Star LSP will feel like it was made for your district. Every student, teacher, administrator and parent can take advantage of customized dashboards that display the most relevant information in the most convenient, innovative and efficient way possible.

customized dashboards that provide exceptional experience
learn on laptop, phone and tablet

Mobile Learning

Teach and learn anytime, anywhere. M-Star LSP is fully responsive, adapting to different screen sizes, and can be accessed from any device, with or without an internet connection.

Social Learning

Connect your entire education community and extend collaboration beyond classroom walls. Take advantage of online tools including virtual classrooms, video calls, messaging, shared wikis, discussion forums, blogs and so much more. Gamify your courses with leaderboards, badges, levels and points and watch your users share their experiences see your community ecosystem strengthen and grow – all through our secure teaching and learning environment.

teacher teaching a group of high school students on devices
personalized learning graphic

Personalized Learning Pathways

Create and deliver personalized learning plans for every student to help them thrive and fulfill their academic potential. Plans that are tailored to each student's needs by considering level of engagement, time on task, pace, and performance.

Integrate with...EVERYTHING!

We focus on helping our clients build a well-connected technology eco-system for their institution. M-Star LSP integrates seamlessly with your current systems, tools, apps and content providers to enhance efficiencies in school operations and performance. Keep using your favorite tools – or explore our similar products – and easily connect new ones, all within a Single Sign-On environment.

Easily connects with 200+ apps and tools
flexible interface

Flexibility that meets your needs

No two students are exactly alike. So how can we expect their learning styles to be? The answer is we can’t. Teachers and administrators are faced with the challenge of satisfying the needs of a diverse student population. Along with the variety of personalities and aptitudes, teachers are also challenged with different learning styles that require dynamic approaches to teaching concepts and lessons. With this in mind, our solution allows schools and districts the opportunity to implement multiple teaching modalities perfect for a spectrum of learning styles - independent study, blended learning, or special education needs – all through one platform.

Equitable Access

Every student is unique. Reach all of them with M-Star LSP where full inclusion and equitable access for all students are realizable goals.

group of diverse students on their devices

Rapid Course Creation

Our LMS is designed to support all teachers, from technophobes to tech enthusiasts. Ease into your digital journey by choosing from our online and blended learning templates library or start your course from scratch and build interactive and engaging content with M-Star LSP’s built-in content authoring tools.

Actionable Insights into Student Performance

It is important to track completion for eLearning, but you also need easy access to data, user-friendly capabilities to analyze your data for actionable insights, and the ability to optimize and save your time in the process. M-Star LSP comes with robust reporting and analytics that delivers all of this while allowing teachers, management, and parents to track student progress and performance. Leverage our technology and research-based LMS to provide students with feedback and encourage them to engage in self-directed learning and performance improvement.

track student performance

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