M-Star University Expert System

Built to address the complexities of Higher Education, M-Star UES is a comprehensive ERP that covers every workflow within a university, enabling it to transform business processes and drive institutional performance.

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Can one system scale to meet the needs of every stakeholder in the entire university without breaking the bank?

Blending extensive research with AI, machine learning and other emerging technologies, M-Star UES is a highly scalable, robust, and secure solution, designed to help universities modernize their systems, streamline operations, cut cost, and improve financial and academic insights.

M-Star features several modules that are supported by a network of sub-modules that work with one another and share pertinent data to streamline essential activities. These modules combine recruitment, enrollment, registration, academic planning, financials and every other department on a single system. Delivering a complete view of your university and facilitating an exceptional digital campus experience that connects people, processes, and services.

The M-Star Difference: Benefits of M-Star UES

Drive down costs of operations through consolidation and standardization
Increase operational efficiencies with powerful data-driven analytics that enable better, faster decisions to meet your institutional goals
Connect data throughout the institution and make it your most strategic asset, using advanced technologies to uncover hidden patterns
Achieve accountability and effective utilization of human, fiscal, and physical resources
Automate repetitive tasks and eliminate time consuming manual processes, enabling more time for strategic decision making
Promote innovation by delivering actionable analytics through the use of in-built AI, machine learning and emerging technologies

An expansive application solution that encompasses all academic and administrative processes

Grants & Scholarships
Exam & Testing
Extra-curricular activities
Smart campus
Messaging System
Inventory & Stores

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