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M-Star OLA is your all-in-one admissions and enrollment solution that makes the applying experience as smooth as possible for students and as efficient as possible for your staff. Build relationships and meet your enrollment goals—even when you can’t be on campus.

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Enrollment Just got Easier

Streamline your enrollment process and provide a seamless experience with our online admissions software
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Digitize your enrollment and manage applications effortlessly

Simplify the enrollment process for administrators, parents, and students by automating laborious and time-consuming tasks, and provide a smooth, convenient admissions experience with M-Star OLA.

  • Go paperless and reduce your carbon footprint with important enrollment information being collected and stored online.
  • Easily configure forms and processes, minimize manual data entry, reduce processing time and errors, and ensure data captured is accurate and secure.
  • Configure role-based dashboards and reports toward each user’s needs, allowing them to see current actions or campaign progress.
  • Track and engage applicants throughout the enrollment process, providing a seamless personalized experience.

Plan Ahead with Predictive Insights

Use M-Star OLA to get a deeper understanding into your enrollments and strategically communicate with prospective applicants and their families. Our dashboards display the areas the enrollments are coming from, which stage of the process applicants have reached, and key demographic information. Institutions can see, at a glance, how many students are starting enrollment early on, informing how many will actually show up in the fall. Thus helping administrators to more accurately allocate resources for the year ahead.

Predictive analytics into online enrollment for better planning
Seamless effortless enrollment experience for applicants and families

Provide seamless experience and increase enrollments

Make it quick and easy for parents and applicants to complete their applications, submit documents and pay fees - all online. They can:
  • Start the online enrollment process and finish it at their pace, from the comfort of their own home, or on the go from their mobile devices.
  • Receive reminders to make sure that paused online enrollments are submitted.
  • Use a single account to submit multiple applications to multiple institutions.
  • Rank their preferences, track application statuses, respond to offers, and fill out or upload additional enrollment forms. 

Minimize costs and save time

Speed up the admissions process by eliminating excessive time spent by your staff on verifying and manually entering data, increase accuracy by cutting down on the number of data entry errors and cut substantial costs spent on printing and mailing loads of paper. Engage applicants and families by offering a smooth experience and save them from the hassles and frustrations of filling out paper forms. Reduce the time they spend on filling enrollment applications from days to minutes.

Access Enrollment Information from anywhere

Provide families the flexibility of completing the enrollment, at their own pace, wherever they are. Having access to the application from their phones, gives families a greater level of insight into and comfort with the overall registration process. Administrators and teachers no longer have to be at the school in order to look up records or check how registration is coming along. They can access the right data needed to make timely decisions about student enrollment anytime, from anywhere.

Get complete, accurate student registration packets

Use automated fields, drop-down menus and smart forms with the option of enabling required answers for specific questions to get complete and correct information. Having standardized forms will also ensure that the information you receive has gone through data verification processes and is legible and easy to interpret, manage, and report on. 

Reach a wider audience with your institution’s brand

Reach a wider audience with your institution’s brand

Showcase your institution’s vision, story,  facilities and policies to a wider audience. Broadcast public notices, events and activities at no cost. Give a great first impression to prospective applicants and families by configuring inquiry and application forms to your specific institution and its processes.

Enhance resource allocation and management

Enhance resource allocation and management

With accurate enrollment data, you get valuable insights into critical information before the school year begins, enabling you to better plan and allocate resources to meet your institution’s needs and serve your entire community more efficiently.

Sync with your SIS

Ensure that your student data is updated, accurate, reliable and secure by integrating enrollments with your Student Information Systems (SIS).

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