M-Star College Expert System

M-Star CES is a versatile, cutting-edge complete ERP developed to improve educational and economic viability for colleges, transforming the way classrooms and campuses are managed.

Connected devices all across the campus

Why M-Star CES?

Unified View

Connect your entire campus and bring crucial pieces of information together for effective data-driven decision making.


Get unmatched flexibility with highly configurable workflows, powerful self-service capabilities, and multiple delivery options to meet your college’s specific needs and match processes already in place.

Unlock Student Potential

Support the complete student lifecycle from prospective to enrolled students to alumni, and transform their experience through our solution’s engagement and SIS capabilities. With permission based access to dynamic data about your students – their academic record and performance, education histories, activities, services they utilize, attendance patterns, and grades – your staff can focus on proactively involving students in their own success and provide them with the individualized tools they need to succeed in college and beyond.

Drive academic achievement with a 360-degree view of your institution

The M-Star College Expert System can manage, deliver, and report on all college operations – from student engagement and alumni communications to instructor requirements and administrator workflows. Backed by over two decades of research, our unified platform is designed to enhance constituent engagement, optimize operations, reduce costs, improve student outcomes, and drive performance of your institution. The M-Star CES is a secure, mobile end-to-end solution that:

Captures student/teacher, teacher/administrator, and alumni/administrator interactions and communication and tie it to student records or employee records
Integrates data from different departments including administration, academia, finance, research, and IT, on one platform, to give a complete overview of your institution and enable better decision making
Creates a personalized view of students and organizes educational resources to improve outcomes for lifelong learning
Automates financial processes and tasks to improve efficiency, accuracy, and timely access to information. Meets accountability and compliance requirements throughout your institution and maximizes funding resources
Intelligently optimizes operations to better manage student data, progress and achievement. AI and IoT-based analytics discover hidden patterns and guide student success
Differentiates the institution by maximizing research and academic programs with limited resources
Helps align your institution with the needs and demands of your students and prepare them for the modern workplace

An expansive solution featuring customizable modules that address every aspect of college management

Exam & Testing
Extra-curricular Activities
Fee Management
technologically connected college campus
Inventory & Stores

Chart your path to digital transformation

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